Announcing a brand new course–Frankie’s Moves!

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This spring we’ll be doing something a bit different with our Classic Moves Course. We’ll spend the whole four weeks working on some of Frankie Manning’s signature moves. We’re calling it Frankie’s Moves!

Who was Frankie Manning? He was one of the greatest lindy hoppers of his time (he invented aerials!). He was also hugely instrumental in the swing revival. As a young man he performed all over with Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, in his later years he traveled the world teaching at lindy hop events, large and small, nearly every weekend. He became known as the Ambassador of Swing and even got his own google doodle a couple of years ago. Come along and learn some of Frankie’s classic moves.

The Frankie’s Moves Course is appropriate for dancers who are comfortable with the basics and ready to add some new classic moves to their repertoire.

Wednesdays, 4th-25th April
at Dance Studio Leeds
cost: £30 for the 4wk course

Pre-payment required. To register email:

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