Add Some Fun to Your Life

At Swing Dance Leeds we want you to have a go at swing dancing, not so that you can become a pro and impress all of your friends--I mean that's okay too--but mostly we want you too see how much fun it is! We think you'll love it and that you'll enjoy spending time with... Continue Reading →

2023 is time to start dancing The Charleston

Are you looking fore more moonshine cocktails, frilly flapper dresses and Charleston dancing?! Make sure you're dance floor ready with our Intro to Partnered Charleston Course. Bookings are now open for this beginner friendly course starting in January. We'll cover the basic steps and technique for 20's and 30's style Charleston and a few flashy... Continue Reading →

Core Moves Course – Sept 28th

Get comfortable on the social dance floor by having these simple moves down without thinking. We'll give you the tools to get into and out of lots of different common shapes and positions. So when in a future class you learn some 'right to right' moves you'll not only know what that means but how... Continue Reading →

Bring on the Fun!

Adulting is hard! Sometimes the news is depressing, the future is scary, and work is just a bit...meh. That's when you know its time to shake things up a bit! Get a little exercise, step outside your comfort zone, maybe even make some new friends. Our Lindy Hop Fundamentals Course is just the thing to... Continue Reading →

Online Classes

You may be stuck in the house but you can still dance! We are now running pay as you feel classes on Facebook Live. You can tune in for the live streams, ask questions and chat with other dancers or you can watch the videos on your own schedule. Live streaming classes and videos from... Continue Reading →

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