2023 Courses

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Take one of our 4 week courses for £32. All courses held at The Dance Studio Leeds.
Descriptions below.
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11th Jan – 1st Feb (7:30-8:30) : Lindy Hop Fundamentals
11th Jan – 1st Feb (8:40-9:40) : Intro to Partnered Charleston

8th Feb – 1st Mar (7:30-8:30) : Lindy Hop Fundamentals
8th Feb- 1st Mar (8:40-9:40) : Swingouts

8th Mar- 29th Mar (7:30-8:30) : Lindy Hop Fundamentals
8th Mar – 29th Mar (8:40-9:40) : Core Moves

5th Apr – 26th Apr (7:30-8:30) : Lindy Hop Fundamentals
5th Apr – 26th Apr (8:40-9:40) : Musicality

3rd May – 24th May (7:30-8:30) : Lindy Hop Fundamentals
3rd May – 24th May (8:40-9:40) : Tandem Charleston

31st May – 21st Jun (7:30-8:30) : Lindy Hop Fundamentals
31st May – 21st Jun (8:40-9:40) : Tricky Moves

28th Jun – 19th Jul (7:30-8:30) : Lindy Hop Fundamentals
28th Jun – 19th Jul (8:40-9:40) : Balboa Basics

30th Aug – 20th Sept (7:30-8:30) : Lindy Hop Fundamentals
30th Aug – 20th Sept (8:40-9:40) : Intro To Partnered Charleston

27th Sept – 18th Oct (7:30-8:30) : Lindy Hop Fundamentals
27th Sept – 18th Oct (8:40-9:40) : Swingouts

25th Oct – 15th Nov (7:30-8:30) : Lindy Hop Fundamentals
25th Oct – 15th Nov (8:40-9:40) : Frankie’s Moves

22nd Nov – 13th Dec (7:30-8:30) : Lindy Hop Fundamentals
22nd Nov – 13th Dec (8:40-9:40) : California Routine Course

Course Descriptions

Lindy Hop Fundamentals Course

Our fundamentals course is a very popular way to kick start your dancing. This course will help you build your basic skills giving you a solid foundation in fundamental lindy hop moves and techniques, ideal for people who’ve never danced before.
Pre-Booking essential:

Intro To Partnered Charleston

Learn how to Charleston with this beginner friendly course! We’ll teach you two different styles of charleston and plenty of moves to dance the night away with your partner.
Pre-Booking essential:

Swingout Course

Learn the iconic and dance defining move “The Swingout!”. So essential for any Lindyhopper we’ve got a full 4 week course just for this one move

The course will go over the basic shape of a swingout + circle. It is appropriate for people who have learnt an 8 count basic but never learnt a swing out. It is also appropriate for those who have learnt a swing out shape and want to improve on their technique and learn a variation or two.
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Everything is better with music! Learn how to make simple changes for big effects so that all your dances feel unique to the music.
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One of our favourite examples of musicality and playfulness

Tandem Charleston

The course will focus on core Tandem Charleston entries, exits and fun things to do while you’re there. No prior knowledge of tandem Charleston required but 30s / side by side Charleston basic is necessary.
Pre-Booking essential:

California Routine

The California Routine is a classic lindy hop routine, which draws on all of the fundamentals of lindy hop, including 6 beat, 8 beat and charleston footwork. It includes some small lifts and is often used as a performance routine.
Pre-Booking essential:

Core Moves

In this course we’ll go over some of the most common moves that you’ll see on the dance floor. It’s a great follow on course from our Fundamentals Course.
Pre-Booking essential:

Balboa Basics

Learn how to dance Balboa with this beginner friendly course! Balboa is a dance in the swing family, and is related to Lindy Hop. Typically danced faster but actually a lot less energetic. People enjoy this dance for being able to dance all night whatever the tempo.
Pre-Booking essential:

Frankie’s Moves Course

Frankie Manning (aka The Ambassador of Swing) had some great classic moves that we think all lindy hoppers should have in their repertoire! This course is aimed at dancers who are comfortable with the basics and looking for some new cool moves. We’ll spend a good amount of time on each move so that you can lead and follow them confidently on the social dance floor.

Pre-Booking essential:

Intro To Solo Charleston

No experience required. This course will start from the basics and build up a couple of short simple routines giving you the joy of dancing charleston.
Pre-booking essential

Charleston Jam Circle Course

Learn to social dance solo charleston in Rob’s style of Jam Circles. They’re great fun and a confidence boost. This course is open to everyone who knows the basic charleston step, from beginners to experts. Having a mix of abilities will only make the jam circles better and you’ll learn more from it.
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Drop in Classes

Bella Balboa – Sheffield
Thursdays 8-10pm at Walker Hall (Scout shop) in Sheffield: Balboa Classes. 1 for £6 or 2 for £7. Absolute beginners welcome!

Lindy Fridays
Fridays 7-9.45pm in the Carriageworks (millennium square, city centre): Lindy Hop class and social dancing for £5! Absolute beginners welcome!

Improvers: 7 – 8pm
Beginners: 8:10 – 9pm
Social Dancing: 9 – 9:40pm

Hot Charleston Workshops (In Person)
Saturdays at The Dance Studio Leeds. £5 for 1 class or £9 for both.
Beginners 3:30-4:20pm
Plus 4:30-5:30pm.
Pre-booking encouraged, runs about twice a month. Check dates