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How to Nail Those Tricky Moves

With so many awesome Lindy Hop moves to learn there are some that can fall through the cracks–moves that are just a bit too tricky to really get in a drop-in class. That’s why we’re introducing another new course into our Classic Moves line up, focusing on Tricky Moves!

In this four week course we’ll teach you some great classic moves that are a bit on the tricky side but with four weeks to work on them you’ll totally nail them! We’ll be working on the Texas Tommy, Switches, Charleston Swingouts, Hacksaws and maybe more depending on the group. We’ll spend a good amount of time learning how to do these classic moves well so that you can lead/follow them with confidence on the social dance floor or in a jam circle.

You don’t need a partner to book but you will need a good grasp of Lindy Hop Fundamentals.

Classic Moves Course: Tricky Moves

Wednesdays, 26th Sept – 17th Oct

at Dance Studio Leeds
cost: £30 for the 4wk course

£10 discount if you’ve taken a previous Classic Moves Course (inc Frankie’s Moves)

Pre-payment required. To register email: swingdanceleeds@gmail.com


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Footwork Variation of the Fortnight #68!

This fortnight’s variation is Fish Tail!

Get your mermaid on!

A variation on the fishtails jazz step. This one is just one deep swish of the tail ;)

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Our Next Fundamentals Course starts 29th August!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Lindy Hop! Whether you’re looking for an excuse to wear that new vintage outfit, a fun couples’ activity, a physical and mental challenge or a way to make friends, you’ve come to the right place!

Lindy Hop is becoming more and more popular and it is showing no signs of slowing down.  It is a fantastic way to get fit, learn a new skill and meet a fabulous bunch of people. For a whole list of reasons why partner dancing is good for you click here or just take our word for it and give it a go–why not?

Learn the basics of Lindy Hop in just 4 weeks!

This course will give you a solid foundation in fundamental lindy hop moves and techniques, ideal for people who’ve never danced before. With small class sizes you will meet a lovely group of people, meaning you’ll have friends to dance with when you come along to a social dance or drop in class.  It is appropriate for absolute beginners and anyone else who wants to re-visit their basics

– Small class size
– Individual feedback
– Structured learning

Course Details:
Wednesdays 29th Aug – 19th Sept
at Dance Studio Leeds
cost: £30 for the 4wk course

Pre-booking and payment required in advance
to register email: swingdanceleeds@gmail.com

Have a look at this video for a taster of what you can expect on the course:

For a full list of course dates visit our courses page

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Footwork Variation of the Fortnight #67!

This fortnight’s variation is Double Tap!

Toe taps, toe taps, we’ve got ALL the toe taps!

Pro-tip: Do not attempt this variation in flip-flops! Actually just don’t dance in flip-flops…trust us on this one ;)

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Footwork Variation of the Fortnight #66!

This fortnight’s variation is The Pony!

A new twist on a modern classic!

You can take inspiration for footwork variations from just about anywhere. Here’s one based on a dance move that some might remember from the 1960s (or the 80s).

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Tandem Charleston – 29th August

29th Aug – 19th Sept
at Dance Studio Leeds
cost: £30 for the 4wk course

This course is for those who have a good grasp of basic partnered Charleston and are looking for more. Tandem Charleston aka Back to Back Charleston” is awesome fun, looks impressive and once you get the hang of it its easy to dance to fast music.

The course will focus on core Tandem Charleston repertoire including entries, exits and fun things to do while you’re there.

No prior knowledge of Tandem Charleston required you’ll just need to have a grasp of the 30s Charleston basic, some experience with partner dancing is helpful but not required.

– Appropriate for improvers, and anyone looking to brush up on their tandem charleston.

to register email: swingdanceleeds@gmail.com


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Footwork Variation of the Fortnight #65!

This fortnight’s variation is The Scaredy Cat!

For scary good swingouts give this one a go!

A simple but eye catching variation.

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