New Lindy Hop and Charleston Performance Courses!

Perform in a dance show with Swing Dance Leeds!

The Dance Studio Leeds is putting on a show on 8th October in aid of Yorkshire Cancer Research, showcasing the various dance styles that use the Dance Studio for classes/rehearsals. We are putting Lindy Hop and Solo Charleston routines into the show and would love you to take part! This sort of opportunity only comes up every so often and is a really rewarding experience.

In these courses, you will learn a choreographed routine, which you will then go on to perform at the show on 8th October. The details are as follows:

Lindy Hop Course dates/times:

Sunday 11th September 3-5pm
Sunday 25th September 3-5pm
Sunday 2nd October 3-5pm

Charleston Course dates/times:

Saturday 10th September 9-10am/11am-12noon
Sunday 25th September 9-11am
Sunday 2nd October 10am-12noon

Saturday 8th October – The Show!

The courses run for a total of 6 hours each (rather than our usual 4). However, the cost of the courses will still be the same as usual (£30) and you’ll get to perform on stage!

We’re specifically aiming the choreography at newer dancers, but the Course is open to anyone with previous Lindy Hop/Charleston experience.

The day involves a rehearsal on stage in the daytime followed by the show itself in the evening. As well as being a great opportunity to show off your skills on stage, and perhaps challenge you to do something outside your comfort zone, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to get involved in fundraising for a great charity. The fundraising page for the event is here:

If you’re interested in either of these courses, please email to book.

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