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Swingout Course – 7th February

If you’re feeling confident with your Lindy Hop fundamentals, a swingout is the next move you’ll want to conquer!

Swingouts are the quintessential move of Lindy Hop and so important that we’ve dedicated an entire four week course to teaching them.

Swingout Course
Wednesday, 7th-28th February
8:30 – 9:30pm at The Dance Studio Leeds
£30 whole course

The course will go over the basic shape of a swingout and progress to more in-depth technique, styling, and a couple of variations to spice things up a bit. As usual with our courses numbers will be limited so we can give you personal feedback on what you need to make your swingout awesome.

Appropriate for those who have learnt a swingout shape and want to improve on their technique and learn a variation or two. This course is also for people who’ve never learnt a swingout, but have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of Lindy hop  – this is the next step for you.Shillouette Swingout

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Footwork Variation of the Fortnight #26!

This fortnight’s variation is the One Year Special!

We’ve been doing Footwork Variation of the Fortnight for one whole year!  Here’s a fun variation with a subtle timing for you to play with!

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Lindy at Leeds Market 2016

On Sunday 11th December, teams of dancers from Lindy Fridays, Leeds University Swingsoc and Swing Dance Leeds performed routines and danced all day at Leeds Kirkgate Market in order to raise money for the NSPCC!

Many of the dancers involved are new to dancing and had never performed in public before so it was a huge challenge for them.  It was a fabulous day and everybody worked really hard – you can see videos of the performances on the Swing Dance Leeds YouTube channel.

The first Lindy at the Light took place in 2005.  Since that time, we have raised over £50,000 for the NSPCC!  We have a target of £5,000 this year and you can help us get to that target by visiting our Just Giving page and donating online.

If you’re donating online, you can use the following hashtags in your message to show your support for a specific group:

#LF for Lindy Fridays
#SwSoc for Leeds Uni Swing Soc

Let’s smash our target for this fantastic charity this Christmas!

Thank you for your support.

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Footwork Variation of the Fortnight #25!

This fortnight’s variation is the Charging Bull!

Have a think about using this variation to emphasise long, drawn out notes in the music!

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Footwork Variation of the Fortnight #24!

This fortnight’s variation is the Walk Away!

With this one you can really change the look of your swingout without changing your footwork!

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Last Classes of 2016

The Christmas and New Year period is nearly upon us!  Here are the dates for the last classes of 2016 and when classes will be restarting in 2017:

Swing Jive Leeds (Moortown, Mondays)
Last class: 19th December
Restarting: 16th January

Lindy Drop (Morley, Tuesdays)
Last class: 29th November (The Little Big Band Christmas Dance on 6th December)
Restarting: 10th January

Bella Balboa (Sheffield, Thursdays)
Last class: 1st December (Festive Altalena Prestissimo dance on 8th December)
Restarting: 19th January

Lindy Fridays (City Centre, Fridays)
Last class: 9th December
Restarting: 13th January

Hot Charleston (City Centre, fortnightly Saturdays)
Last class: 26th November
Restarting: 14th January

Pop these dates in your diary and we hope to see you for a festive dance soon!

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Footwork Variation of the Fortnight #23!

This fortnight’s variation is Side Pushes!

Style this smooth variation any way you like!

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