New Shag Course – 4th February!

Learn how to Shag with our new course starting 4th February!

Love Lindy Hop?  Want to try something else?  Collegiate Shag is increasing in popularity across the UK and we don’t want to miss out here in Leeds!

Collegiate Shag is another of those dances in the swing family and is closely related to Lindy Hop.  It is fun and energetic and can be danced to fast music!

A brand new 4-week Course dedicated to teaching Shag will be starting on Thursday 4th February.  Your teacher will be the very talented Natalia and these are the full details:

Thursdays 4th February – 25th February
at Dance Studio Leeds
cost: £30 for the 4wk course

to register email:

For a full list of course dates visit our courses page

Interested?  Check out this awesome I-Shag video from our friends at Swing Tyne and see what the fuss is about!

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