Learn to dance in 2016!

New year, new start!  If you’ve ever wanted to learn to dance, we already have our first few courses of 2016 planned!  Here’s a head’s up of what we’ll be doing on Wednesday evenings in the New Year:

6th Jan – 27th Jan: Fundamentals
6th Jan – 27th Jan: Intro to Partnered Charleston
3rd Feb – 24th Feb: Fundamentals
3rd Feb – 24th Feb: Swingout
2nd Mar – 23rd Mar: Fundamentals
2nd Mar – 23rd Mar: Classic Moves

If you’ve taken the Fundamentals course and want more, the Swingout and Classic Moves courses are perfect next steps!

The Courses section has a few more details of what you can expect from these courses and the other courses that we also run throughout the year.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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