Parking at The Dance Studio Leeds

As you know, we hold our Wednesday Courses and Saturday Hot Charleston Workshops at The Dance Studio Leeds.  They’ve been in touch to let us know of some changes to the parking at Mabgate Mills.  Hopefully it won’t affect anybody too much but please note the following:

This won’t affect all of you but please note the gate off Macaulay Street will close at 8.45pm (once the final classes have begun).  If you need entry after this time please call the studio landline 0113 242 1550 at which point we can open the gate for you so you can enter.

Exit will then be via the Mabgate entrance under the archway (the automatic gates will open when you drive up close to them).

They are encouraging cars to use the Mabgate exit generally to help flow.

Middle Bays:
From 9th October (when they are re-marking the bays) these will no longer be in the car park to make more room for manoeuvring in/out of the main bays.

Ticket enforcing isn’t new but in case you are not already aware we have 3 allocated spaces during the daytime Mon-Fri 9-5.30pm.

From Sunday 9th Oct these will be bay numbers 28, 29, and 30 (located immediately infront of the blue studio door and the following two spaces to your right if facing the blue door). Please only use these spaces if visiting the studio during office hrs.

Permits will need to be collected from reception and displayed during the office hrs above to avoid a penalty ticket.

Students can park after 5.30pm Mon-Fri and during the weekends as usual.
If for any reason the car park is full in the mill, free parking is also available on Macaulay Street after 6pm.

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