Celebrate World Lindy Hop Day in Leeds – 26th May

The 26th May is Frankie Manning’s birthday and it’s been turned into World Lindy Hop Day – a day to celebrate how awesome lindy hop is. Everyone everywhere can get together and dance.

So to celebrate World Lindy Hop Day we’re organizing a Lindy Bomb at Armley Conservative Club. The club hosts a weekly jazz night with bands that usually play danceable music. So come on out for a bit of fun to celebrate the dance we all love! It’s £6 to get in (including a raffle ticket) and drinks are super cheap. Join the facebook event to say you’re coming!

The details

Tuesday 26th May 8:00 pm – 10:30 pm
at Armley Conservative Club

Ridge Road, Armley
Leeds LS12 3NU

Admission £6.00
Prize Raffles; Drinks at Club Prices
Free Parking

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