Footwork Variation of the Fortnight #70!

This fortnight's variation is Shuffle Ball Change! Spice up your ball change with a little shuffelin' This one should be familiar to those of you that dabble in tap dancing. What other tap variations have you tried throwing into your lindy?

Is Lindy Hop for You?

Our city of Leeds hosts a lovely diverse and vibrant Lindy Hop community. These lovely dancers make a start for a wide variety of different reasons. Some people take up swing dancing because of a love for vintage fashion, some are fans of swing music and trad jazz, some people come in looking for a... Continue Reading →

Footwork Variation of the Fortnight #69!

This fortnight's variation is Syncopated Scoots! Who doesn't love a bit of synco.....pation! Complex rhythms add interest and texture to your dancing! It's well worth spending a bit of time trying out syncopations to get your body used to thinking outside the basic footwork pattern. (This variation was inspired by the lovely Alba Mengual and... Continue Reading →

How to Nail Those Tricky Moves

With so many awesome Lindy Hop moves to learn there are some that can fall through the cracks--moves that are just a bit too tricky to really get in a drop-in class. That's why we're introducing another new course into our Classic Moves line up, focusing on Tricky Moves! In this four week course we'll... Continue Reading →

Footwork Variation of the Fortnight #66!

This fortnight's variation is The Pony! A new twist on a modern classic! You can take inspiration for footwork variations from just about anywhere. Here's one based on a dance move that some might remember from the 1960s (or the 80s).

Tandem Charleston – 29th August

Wednesdays, 29th Aug - 19th Sept 8:30-9:30pm at Dance Studio Leeds cost: £30 for the 4wk course This course is for those who have a good grasp of basic partnered Charleston and are looking for more. Tandem Charleston aka "Back to Back Charleston" is awesome fun, looks impressive and once you get the hang of... Continue Reading →

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