Here are a few of the questions we get asked about our courses on a regular basis.  Hopefully you will find the answer to your question below.  If not, please email with your question and we will do our best to answer!

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes!  We ask everyone who wants to take our courses to book in advance.  Do this by going to our dancecloud page and selecting the course you want.

Are your courses open to beginners?

The following courses are open to beginners:

Intro to Partnered Charleston
Balboa Basics
Beginners Collegiate Shag

The Fundamentals Course runs back to back so there is always a beginners course available.  The other courses run less frequently.  Requirements for other courses are detailed in the course descriptions.  Keep an eye on the Courses page for dates and details of all courses.

Do I need to bring a partner?

No!  Whilst we maintain an even balance of leaders and followers in the class, we rotate partners so you don’t need to book with a partner. If the balance is not even you will be put on a short waiting list and confirmation of your place will be sent out when the balance is even.

What do you mean by leader/follower?

Lindy Hop is a partnered dance consisting of a leader and a follower in each partnership.  Simplistically, leaders instigate the moves within the dance and followers respond and complete the suggested movements. Historically men were often the leaders and women were often the followers however today you should pick whichever role you wish to learn; we just ask that you stick to the same role throughout the course.

Do you offer refunds if I do not take or complete the course I have booked?

If you are no longer able to take a course that you have booked, please tell us as soon as possible.  Refunds are at our discretion.