Hot Charleston 19th October – New Format

@the Dance Studio Leeds
19th October
3.30 – 5.30pm
£8 Drop in, no booking required.
Comfortable clothes, flat shoes recommended.
Solo Charleston – No partner required

We’re trying a new format for Hot Charleston this month. The workshop will still be open to absolute beginners and experienced dancers alike, starting from the basic step a few showy moves and a good workout exactly as before. However with a new section focusing on developing the steps you’ve learnt in the first section, and introducing a freestyle aspect (but in a structured way). This will give you the confidence to charleston anywhere just like this video:

Charleston is a fantastic, fun, exciting dance full of self expression. It can be done anywhere from the jazz club to the night club to just while you’re walking down the street! The steps are quick to pick up and allow for you to really put your own stamp on it.

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