Learn the Big Apple (and remember it!)

Every Wednesday
24th April – 29th May
6.30 – 7.30pm
@the Dance Studio Leeds
Whole Course: £30
Do not have to attend whole course (see individual prices below)
Email swingdanceleeds@gmail.com to book


The big apple is an awesome Solo Jazz choreography by Frankie Manning! It is done world wide and all the best dancers know it.
Check it out:

It’s notoriously fast and difficult to remember – BUT- we’ve got the perfect solution to remember it. We’ll take it in chunks and have plenty of time to practice at home, and lots of practice each week.

So whether the big apple is entirely new to you or you’ve learnt bits of it here and there this six week course will solidify it in your memory.

24th April + 1st May
Big Apple Part 1

8th May
Revision of big apple part 1

15th + 22nd May
Big Apple Part 2

29th May
Revision of Big Apple

Whole course: £30 (£14 savings)

So if you’ve learnt it before and just want a refresher you can do just weeks 8th + 29th May.

Email swingdanceleeds@gmail.com to book

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