Tranky Doo 1 + 2

The Tranky Doo is a classic jazz routine from the 1930’s. It’s harder than the shim sham and easier than the big apple – this jazz routine is “just right”! – fun, energetic and easy to pick up.

Wednesdays 10th + 17th October
6.30 – 7.30pm
£5 per class @ the dance studio leeds
No partner required
Some jazz step knowledge is preferable but not necessary.

Knee SlapThere will be plenty of opportunities to ‘perform’/use this routine as it is stereotypically done to “the dipsey doodle” which is played at some point at any large camp as well as a lot of social dances. These two classes will break down each step but will move quickly onto the next. You can attend either or both (though the second will obviously build on the first). There’s no need to book for these as we don’t need to balance ratios.

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