Swing Dance Leeds can provide a variety of classes from one off tasters to intensive courses. Below is a summary of the most common classes we run.

Taster Classes

A taster class will get you up and social dancing in only 45 minutes! Emphasis on fun and accessible to everyone these are perfect for events with a vintage theme.

Taster classes can also be tailored for dancers of other styles and will move quicker focusing on connection with a partner and lifts. Great for dance schools such as contemporary or breakdance where students will pick up the steps quickly.

Guest Teachers

It’s always good to get a variety of tuition and opinions. We are able to travel to your scene and teach as guest teachers at your regular class.


We provide structured courses for beginner to advanced dancers. Dependent on class size and aim we can build towards a routine to perform at the end of the course or provide more individual feedback working on significantly improving the dancers in your scene. Courses are also usually available as one day workshops contact us for a list of courses.