Footwork Variation of the Fortnight #95!

This fortnight's variation is Figure of 8 Version 2 Being able to turn away from your leader without over-stretching is a nice challenge to work on! Extra Credit: Our first Figure of Eight variation is here. Play spot-the-difference to test your video learning skills!

Footwork Variation of the Fortnight #90!

This fortnight's variation is Skipping For when you're in a yippy skippy kinda mood! This is a great one for newer dancers--noticeably different from your standard footwork but the rhythm and the shape are pretty low-stress.

Try Something New This Summer

Learn the Lindy Hop Summer is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new! Our Lindy Hop Fundamentals Course is a great way to have a go at learning swing dancing in a low pressure environment. We'll take you through the basics in a small class with other beginners... Continue Reading →

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