Tina Shield

Tina BunckTraining and Experience

Originally from Seattle, “the best lindy hop scene in the US” (or so she says). Tina has been studying lindy hop and other swing era dances since 2003. Social dancing has always been her focus and she encourages people to dance for the pure joy of doing it. Tina has been teaching lindy hop in Leeds since 2009 and has traveled all over the UK to teach at events and festivals with Swing Dance Leeds. Over the past year she has perfected the art of teaching while babywearing.


Tina was a founding member of Swing-amajig, a Seattle based Lindy Hop performance group. She has performed at a variety of events and festivals in the UK and has appeared as a dancer in television programmes including: Peaky Blinders, Zingzillas, Flog it!, and Back in Time for Tea.